5 Most frequently asked questions about sofas

Our work brings us into daily contact with your questions and doubts. We often collect statistics about the most frequent queries concerning padded furniture, and in this article our technical staff answers the five most frequently asked questions about sofas, in the hope that this mini guide will be of use to you.

If you still have queries after having read the guide, feel free to contact our customer service by using the contact form on our website.

The 5 most frequently asked questions about sofas

5 most frequently asked questions about sofas

1. Can I change the sofa covers?

The covers of Doimo Salotti collections of fabric sofas can be removed. This makes it possible to order just a change of covers. We guarantee you will find covers for your sofa for up to 10 years from the model going out of production.

This means that even if the sofa is no longer in the catalogue, for another ten years we can cut out and sew new covers for you

Of course, over the years, just like in the fashion world, our fabrics change colours, textures or compositions. But if a certain fabric is no longer available, you can choose another one. In such cases, we recommend visiting your nearest authorised Doimo Salotti dealer so you can see the updated range of fabrics (over 450 variants and colours).


change sofa’s feet

2. Can I change the sofa’s feet?

Yes and no, it depends on the model you have bought. If the sofa has a standard choice of feet variants or colours, you can change them.  Otherwise no. To order feet, contact the Doimo Salotti dealer nearest to you to receive all the information you need.

Sometimes the feet make a big difference to a sofa and it’s nice to know you can change them. 

clean eco leather sofa

3. How to clean the eco leather upholstery on my sofa?

Proper maintenance is essential for upholstery commercially known as ‘ecoleather’.

NO degreasers.  They clean effectively, but after a short time (depending on how often you use them) your sofa upholstery will be ruined; the technical term for the effect of this aggressive detergent is ‘cooked’. If you really need to remove stains, use a wet sponge and just a little mild soap, making sure to dry the upholstery well; humidity also damages artificial leather! (read this article in Salotto Perfetto)

If your sofa is in a damp room, this could cause a chemical decomposition effect (electrolysis), which causes the surface coating to flake. When this happens there are very few remedies.

scragtchproof fabrics

4. Are there scragtchproof fabrics?

If you have a pet you may be wondering if there is a suitable fabric. No fabric is guaranteed to be 100% scratchproof, but there are some fabrics whose structure resists tears and fraying. These are usually technical fabrics bonded onto polyester, such as certain microfibres (ECOFIBRA) or fabrics with dense, tightly woven structures that are stainproof and waterproof (EMI or EVIA).

Bear in mind that easily washed fabrics or a sofa with removable covers are also an important choice.

remove chaise longue

5. Can I remove the chaise longue and add an armrest?

Also here the answer depends on which sofa you have purchased. If the sofa has the ‘bayonet’ type of catch, it can be changed, otherwise it can’t. To order an armrest consult your nearest Doimo Salotti dealer, who will provide all the necessary information.

December 2018
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