Tips to sofa maintenance

Teke care of your armchair or sofa every day, to keep it clean and nice. That’s why we sell our products with their own product and fabric sheet which give you all the needed information about their proper maintenance. Please, read it and follow all our advices.

5 Tips to keep your sofa “in shape”

Cleaning a leather or fabric covered sofa to maintain its beauty over time is not an art reserved for upholsterers, and above all there is no need for magic potions or secret formulas. Regular cleaning is the foremost and easiest strategy to keep a sofa in prime condition and limit wear and tear on the upholstery. Before washing it or using special products, for example for leather covers, take a look at our five tips for routine cleaning of sofas and armchairs. Scroll below to see washing instructions and an explanation of how to read the symbols used.

Spazzolare delicatamente il tessuto

Regularly gently brush the lining to remove the eventual dust.

Utilizzare periodicamente un'aspirapolvere

To maintain your sofa clean between washing cycles, hoover the more hidden points.

Evitare la luce diretta del sole per lungo periodo

Do not expose your sofa or armchair to direct sunlight, halogen lamps or heat sources.

Utilizzare equamente tutti i posti di seduta

Sit down on all the sofa seats to harmonize the natural padding use.

Consultare la scheda rivestimento prima di effettuare lavaggi

Refer to fabric sheet for washing the lining.

Come pulire un divano o una poltrona in tessuto


All Doimo Salotti fabric covering are completely removable and washable.

If you need to remove the covering of your sofa, pay attention to the Velcro: be careful and do not take it off strongly, in order to avoid damages to the padding velveteen. Seat, backrest and armrest covering is completely removable by opening the zipper on their side.

Before washing the covering, read the fabric sheet and follow our advices. If you lost it ask to one of our retailer.

Come pulire un divano in pelle


This kind of covering is particularly delicate and it needs a particular care during the daily, and occasional, cleaning procedure. During the first months of your sofa could appear some wrinkles on the covering, this has to be considered absolutely normal: it is the leather settlement.

Doimo Salotti carefully choose all the raw materials, to reach optimal results. Genuine leather does not have a smooth surface, moreover little imperfections like wrinkles, veins, stretch marks and grain or colour differences are marking of the animal natural life. That’s why each sofa is one-of-a-kind.

Avoid the use of commons cleaning soaps and do not threat the surface with oily/greasy substances.

Pulizia dei divani


These sofas are more delicate than darker sofas. Do not seat on them with dark clothes, such as jeans, which could leave colour on the covering: genuine leather is a natural material and it could absorb it.

Do not leave newspapers or magazines on the sofa, leather covering could absorb the ink.

I divani in pelle bianca o beige


The fabric sheet, supplied with the sofa, contains detailed washing instructions for your covering. Here a list of the laundry care symbols:

Not suitable for washing.

Hand wash only. Water temperature not above 40°. Short washing time. Gentle hand manipulation. Do not wring.

Machine wash. Water temperature not above 30°. Wash normal. Rinse normal. Normal spin cycle.

Machine wash. Water temperature not above 30°. Short cycle. Decreasing temperature during rinse cycle (by introducing cold water). Short spin cycle.

Do not dry clean.

Dry clean. Any solvent except tetrachloroethylene.

Gentle dry clean with PCE.

Dry clean. Any solvent.

Bleaching with chlorine allowed.

Do not bleach.

Iron, low temperature (110°C). Use a wet rag between iron and fabric.

Iron, low temperature (150°C). Use a wet rag between iron and fabric.

Iron, low temperature (200°C). Use a wet rag between iron and fabric.

Do not iron.

Iron only the reverse side, low temperature (110°C).

Spin normally.

Do not spin. Do not wring.

Do not tumble dry.

Tumble dry, normal.

Line dry after wring or spin.

Drip dry, do not wring or spin.

Dry flat.