Colour guidelines for fabric sofas

Colour guidelines of fabrics for sofas to improve your wellness at home

Sofas’ fabric, through colours and patterns, gives an important contribution to sofa’s aesthetic  which, in turn, influences the surrounding area. We are surrounded by colours without realizing that they influence our soul and mind. Colours are light manifestation and they silently spread visual sensations and emotions. Each colours transmits energy thanks to its infinite facets, and there is always a colour which fits into a room better than another. Above all, it depends on where we decide to use a specific colour.

the colour and the sofas

For example Yellow has an exciting and energizing effect, Green reassures and calm our mind and Orange helps to concentrate. A living room is a very versatile room and that is why we can decide to use whatever colour we want; the most important thing is to obtain a welcoming place, so we can decide to use the yellow colour, dynamic and stimulating, while we suggest not to use it in your bed room where we do suggest to use Green, Pink or Lilac.

Our psychophysical wealth could be influenced by colours!

Indeed sofas’ fabric must be carefully chosen by following two important guidelines: our style and the place it will occupy. It is notable that sofas’ colour influences your living room but also viceversa. Sofas’ covering, walls’ and furniture colours  are real furnishing clothes which contribute to change completely a room spatial sensations: light and colours works together to create dimensional effects.

match the colour to the sofa

fabric for sofas: match the colours to the space

  •  Light colours use to broaden spatial perception while dark ones use to make spaces smaller. A blue sofa in a small room with dark walls will not be the protagonist as the same sofa in a lighter colour. Choose a light colour if you want to improve your living room and make it bigger and brighter.

fabric for sofas: match the colours to the space

  • a light colour matched with a dark colour seems lighter than in reality, in the same way a dark colour next to a light colour seems darker

  • faint colours give freshness to a room. They are the right choice for intimate rooms as bed room and cabinet

  • vibrant colours are not a good choice for big spaces because they could give a feeling of tightness. Better use them to furnish open spaces as terraces or gardens

green sofa

  • light colors help you to keep bright the environment. Recommended for small room to give a better idea of space

  • different colours shades give continuity and make a space look larger. By using different walls colours the result will not be monotonous

  • conflicting colours create nice and pleasing effects. To re-create nice contrasts use different colours for furniture and decor

red or blue sofa

Are you moving home? Did you just change your mind in fact of colours? Does the color of your sofa no longer match the interior of the house?

One of the advantages of Doimo Salotti covering is that they are completely removable. In this way you can also choose to easily change colours and patterns of your sofa whenever you want. Our samples have more than 450 different fabrics, you just have the spoilt of choice!
Get ready to choose.

June 2018
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