Our sofas have been communicating since the 70s

Doimo Salotti has always believed in advertising as an instrument for informing the general public about its brands. Its first advertising campaigns date back to the 1970s and even to this day ‘communication’ is still a fundamental point for the company. Every year Doimo Salotti sends out its message through trade journals and popular magazines, developing institutional campaigns that have become immediately recognisable. Enjoy looking at the photograph gallery of our recent advertising campaigns.

Doimo five years’ protection for a new sofa

A successful campaign that certainly helped customers to protect their new sofas.

Have no fear when using your sofa, you know it is protected against all those occasional unavoidable mishaps. In this advertising campaign Doimo Salotti offered an exclusive service: an opportunity to join the Five Year Protection Programme when purchasing a new sofa.  It covered TEARS / CUTS - BURNS - SCRATCHES – STAINS caused by food and drink (including fruit juice and chocolate) - ink, glue and coloured pens/pencils – animal and body fluids - cosmetics, wax and wax polish – bleach and paints – corrosive acids.

2018 – Much more than just insurance
2017 – We only like the ones used in art

Reresh with doimo Salotti

An exceptional promotional initiative that made a gift to all our customers, at the additional cost of € 1.00, of a second set of covers in Emi stainproof fabric, in a colour of their choice.

2015 – Your sofa refreshed at the cost of an ice cream.

Doimo Salotti stainproof technology

Given the qualities of our exclusive Emi stainproof fabric, our advertising campaign in these years was based on the ease of removing stains from our sofas.

2009 – We offer you a long, comfortable, spotless life
2010 – No stain can resist
2012 – True relaxation includes pleasure

Doimo Salotti and comfortable sofas

The year of the Cabriolet sofa

Doimo Salotti’s 2008 advertising campaign used the Oceano sofa as a testimonial.  This highly successful product was perfectly in line with our company’s spirit of ongoing innovation. The catchy slogan ‘The Birth of the Cabriolet Sofa’ communicated the characteristics of the Ocean model, which are pull-out seats and adjustable-height backrests that combine design and comfort.

2008 - The year of the Cabriolet sofa

Doimo Salotti is ‘smackiabile’

The campaign to advertise Doimo Salotti in 2006 and 2007 conveyed the concept of stainproofing, promoting it as an important plus for our products. Eden fabric (art. Smacchione) and the Max sofa were the stars of the press campaign that featured the headline ‘SMACKIABILE’ (stain removable) in a fresh, innovative format.

2007 - ‘Smackiabili’
2006 - “Smackiabili”

Senses may be amplified

A new advertising campaign featuring the Atos model conveyed an intriguing message with a double meaning: amplify your senses in a Doimo Salotto Point.  In addition, the ad page included a unique, exclusive competition: ‘Enter Doimo and win Samsung’.

2005 – Enter Doimo, win SAMSUNG

Doimo Salotti for reliability and security

Three advertising campaigns starring the Zeus model to convey the values of reliability and security inherent in Doimo Salotti products.

2002 – No worries, 10 years of spare parts are reason to relax
2003 – Only with Doimo Salotti can you feel really safe
2004 - Doimo Salotti: security worth its weight in gold

Let doimo help you choose your sofa

Doimo Salotti’s 2001 advertising campaign featured the Eldorado model with Ferrari test driver Luca Badoer as testimonial: a felicitous match for two brands used to being in pole position and winning.

2001 – Luca Badoer, Doimo Salotti testimonial