Azienda Doimo Salotti
"50 years of industrial experience and authentic craftsmanship sewn into our sofas."


Doimo Salotti produces sofas, armchairs and furnishing accessories with the highest sartorial precision. For over fifty years (since 1968) the company has continued to produce these items bringing to the forefront the functional and ergonomic aspects of its upholstered furniture. The production site is in the province of Treviso, in Moriago della Battaglia, and covers an area of 25,000 square meters. Fabric, leather and modular sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs, furnishing accessories and accessories furnishing the modern living room with refined and elegant lines, ensuring attention to detail and an eye for modern living trends.

The industrial experience, fine-tuned over five decades, allows Doimo Salotti to perfectly satisfy the requirements for comfort and rest, combining them with an authentic artisan value. Doimo Salotti exports the best of Italian craftsmanship worldwide, with a clear and transparent message

Our sofas are well made and produced to last over time.
La storia di Doimo Salotti
Passione e innovazione

Passion and innovation

Our fabric and leather sofas are naturally comfortable because they are the result of a lenghty experience in the production of upholstered furniture. After the first project, the creative inspiration is conveyed into a solid and tested industrial process that allow us to produce sofas that are not only beautiful to look at but are also comfortable.

Producing the perfect sofa for you.

The evident value in our sofa collections is the constant search for well-being, expressed as a series of "feel good at home" sensations. A Doimo Salotti sofa becomes the moment of pleasant relaxation of the day. That is why the ergonomics of each element composing the sofa are important: we seek out innovative materials able to consistently satisfy your needs. Our sofas are customized solutions: modular sofas that adapt to the spaces of modern homes, practical fabrics that facilitate cleaning of the sofa, modern aesthetics to rediscover the pleasure of furnishing the living area mirroring your own style, accomodating - true to life - beneath the same roof, a beautiful design and a quality sofa.

Our talent is to produce comfort that lasts over time.

The quality of Doimo Salotti sofas

Explaining the quality of a Doimo Salotti sofa is like preparing a tasty cake: good ingredients are necessary and must be measured out precisely. You need to follow the right recipe and blend everything with experience and competence. Our sofas are produced with Italian quality raw materials, sourced from selected suppliers who share with us an ethical and professional code. Our fifty years of experience help us every day in designing and producing comfortable and durable sofas that are reliable and indestructible over time and that guarantee safety and functionality during their use.

Qualità Doimo Salotti
La qualità del divano Doimo Salotti

The quality of a Doimo Salotti sofa is transparent and it is clearly described in the technical and furniture covering sheets. They are sent out together with the sofa so that our customers can read all the information on the materials and the composition of the structural elements, including the covering, use and the maintenance of the same. Our after-sales service also continues after your purchase, helping you with any questions and uncertainties that may arise even years down the line, such as: the washing of fabrics, cleaning of leather, changing of the seat covers, etc.

These are all small yet constant details that result in the quality of Doimo Salotti firstly being chosen and then recommended.