Composition: 100% PL
Weight at lmt: 490 gr.
Martindale: 100.000 giri
Height: cm. 140
Fabric washable in water at 30° degrees
Cloe // 74
Cloe // 84
Cloe // 94
Cloe // 67
Cloe // 75
Cloe // 77
Cloe // 87
Cloe // 97
Cloe // 65
Cloe // 76
Cloe // 73
Cloe // 79
For ordinary cleaning can be used a soft brush. Dirt and stains can be removed only with water-based cleaners and mild soap by using a soft synthetic sponge. Brushing regularly. In case of stains it is sufficient to remove them with a dry cloth or absorbent kitchen paper. In case of stay or penetration due to an excessive pressure, rub gently with a damp non-abrasive sponge and if necessary use a small quantity of mild soap, then rinse with a clean sponge. The fabric is washable in water at 30 ° with reduced spin. As for washing, you should use a small amount of neutral detergent, avoiding any other additive. Any shrinkage within the limits of about 1% is normal. The fabric should not be exposed to strong light sources, especially when filtered through glass and heat over 50 ° degrees.