Composition: 100%PL
Weight at lmt: 480 gr
Martindale: 40.000 leno weave
Height: cm 140
Stainproof fabric washable in water at 40°C
Emi // 74
Emi // 84
Emi // 64
Emi // 85
Emi // 94
Emi // 75
Emi // 65
Emi // 83
Emi // 67
Emi // 87
Emi // 88
Emi // 82
Emi // 90
Emi // 73
Emi // 76
The plain version is stainproof, waterproof, brathable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Ordinary cleaning can also be carried out with a soft brush. Dirt and stains can be removed with neutral water-based cleaning agents, applied with a soft synthetic sponge. Brush regularly. Stains can be removed with a dry cloth or kitchen paper. Stains that are stubborn or have penetrated due to strenuous rubbing should be lightly rubbed with a damp non-abrasive sponge. If necessary use with a small amount of neutral soap, then rinse well with a clean sponge. The fabric is washable in water at 40°. Use a small amount of neutral detergent without any additives. Shrinking within the limits of around 2% is normal. Do not expose the fabric to sources of strong light, especially trough glass and sources of heat over 50°.