Origin raw material: European cowhide
Tanning: Chrome
Dyeing: Aniline through dyeing in vats
Thickness: 1,3/1,5 mm
Type: Nabuck
Finishing: Omitted due to pure aniline
Ulissa // Creta 987
Ulissa // Nut 985
Ulissa // Seppia 967
Ulissa // Testa di moro 975
Ulissa // Grigio 977
Ulissa // Black 978
Ulissa is top quality leather, vat dyed with pure aniline and hand processed. The natural structure of the leather surface is lightly rubbed to highlight the typical “velvet” effect of Nabuk, at the same time giving it a “used” vintage look. The quality of the leather comes from carefully selected rawhide and painstaking attention to every stage of processing. Irregular aspects of the surface, such as wrinkles, stretch marks, veins, differences in grain or colour, are not defects; they are signs of the animal’s natural life and become unique features that make each item outstanding. For this reason the same shade of colour cannot be guaranteed for different batches.

There is a special kit for cleaning and taking care of leather. Soiling and stains can be removed by carefully rubbing with a soft pad soaked in water and neutral soap. Rub lightly because excessive pressure will cause soluble dirt to penetrate the leather. Never use common detersives or any of the general cleaning products on sale. Do not use oil of any kind on leather. It is very important not to expose leather items to direct sunlight, halogen lamps or heat sources. Do not leave newspapers in contact with leather as it may absorb the printing ink. Take care with clothing that could stain, such as jeans; the leather could absorb the colour. Do not rub hard and vigorously, you will damage the leather and the stitching. Doimo Salotti Spa declines any liability if covers are damaged due to treatment different from that described above.