Emporio Collection: refined and crafted leather sofas

The Emporio Collection combine new couches and classic timeless sofas, key factor: high craftsmanship, refined design and covered in high selected leather. For its EMPORIO selection Doimo Salotti has united artisan craftsmanship and innovation with tradition and new technologies to produce models that meets all needs.


A refined Collection that put together couches from differents shapes and styles, giving to everyone an everlasting beauty, never renounce to the quality that characterized Doimo. The entire Collection highlights quality workmanship, refined details and innovative propositions, also for prestigious dwellings, with unique Italian styling.

The couches models are ideally expressed in the DOIMO ROOMS concept, already used in the SARTORIA Collection, ambiences and solutions that represents lifestyles and prompt new ideals. Four settings: Industrial, Loft, Urban and Elegant. Home spaces are our inspiration on thinking new living rooms furnishings solutions. We make sofas with the purpose of create something that could pass the time being always actual.

Doimo Salotti has chosen for its EMPORIO Collection excellent leather beautifully tanned by Italian experts. The results is quality upholstery enhanched by skylled hand work that exalts the tactile sensation of differents grains and finishes. New one is Stone, characterized by an upholstery with a vintage look, Thanks to a specific processing, the leather acquires a worn, emery appearance.

Doimo Salotti has a long history in the upholstered sofas production. Over 50 years of experience in producing sofas with a constant and balanced development. Sofas reflect our way of life and make an important statement when we relax in their cosy forms and when we invite our friends to share their comfort with us.


January 2018
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