Everything you want to know about convertible sofa beds

Myths to be debunked, sofa beds  have a reputation for being the least comfortable of the sofa types and esthetically neglected.

The research and expertise of Doimo Salotti have brought the company to specialize in the convertible sofa industry in order to offer products in step with the latest market trends, comfortable and perfectly efficient in both uses. Few simple movements to get effortlessly a cozy bed is the convertible solution when the fabric sofa meets the bed mechanism with electro-welded bed base.

convertible sofa

The advantages of a sofa bed are various

  1. Easy opening and closing. A practical handle positioned among the back cushions will help in the opening operations.

  2. All the elements remain anchored one to one another.

  3. Each element has a double function in order to ensure the best final comfort.

  4. The sofa is comfortable, “ there’s a bed but you can’t see it”

April 2017
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