Our sofas are modular, available in many different dimensions and customizable with more than 450 fabrics and 150 leathers. We suggest you to contact one of our authorized retailer who will help you making the right choice giving you the best customized quotation.

Doimo Salotti guarantees the fabric covering availability up to 10 years after the model elimination from our catalogue. We mean that if the model is no more on our catalogues, we will make new covering for 10 years from its elimination. You just have to choose among the fabric in our collection.

Yes, of course! We sell also our fabric per metre. Buy it with your sofa, in order to have it from the same lot and avoid colour differences.

On our website. Each sofa has its own page with the technical sheet which contain all the modular elements dimensions.
Discover our fabric sofas and leather sofas. Choose one of our models and leaf through its pages.

It depends on the sofa. Our sofas are modular and some of them are joined together through a bayonet fitting, if your sofa has this kind of system it will be possible to remove the peninsula and add an armrest. For any further information and buy the elements, please contact one of our authorized retailer.

It depends on the sofa you bought. For having more information about it read our article: (link):
5 Most frequently asked questions about sofas

From Italy, obviously. All the entire production process is based in Italy and also our raw materials are made in Italy. We made it since 50 years, with passion and pride.

The choice between a leather or fabric sofa depends on many factors, objective and subjective. When your choosing your new sofa keep on mind some aspects as:

  • Family: do you live alone? With your partner? Do you have kids?
  • Do you have animals which live inside your home?
  • How many time do you spend on your sofa?
  • Do you need to wash the lining or not?
  • Is there someone allergies sufferer?
  • Do you want a completely stain-resistant covering?
Ask to a Doimo Salotti retailer, he will help you making the right choice.

You just have to write to our customer service filling the contact form: https://www.doimosalotti.it/en/contacts/and we’ll suggest you where to find it. Do not forget to write the name of the sofa and where you are from.

It’s the ergonomics which makes a sofa comfortable or not. To understand if it is comfortable for you, sit down on it for almost 10 minutes.
Why? Because some models seem firm at the beginning, then they become more comfortable and the padding will hold you.
To be comfortable a sofa has to support your whole body, without being too much soft or firm. Pay attention also to the depth of the seat, tall people will need deeper seats than smaller ones.
Keep on mind some details for reaching the perfect comfort:

  • Do not choose sofas with flat seats
  • Avoid sofas with too much tilted backrest
  • Avoid sofas which obliged you to stay tilted backwards


Our sofas have their own identity card.  Both for the model and for the fabric or leather, they will tell you all the needed information about your new Doimo Salotti sofa. The technical product sheet shows you all the material we used to produce your sofa and accessories, everything that is inside them and that you don’t see.

Download the technical product sheet from the model page.

The technical covering sheet gives you all the information about the fabric  composition, cleaning and care of leather or fabric used to realize your sofa. Store it with care, it will be useful in future.

You can ask to your retailer or get in touch with our customer service https://www.doimosalotti.it/en/contacts/  writing the more information you can (such as model and purchase year).

Remove the lining of fabric sofa is not so difficult as it seems. We summarize the procedure step by step right here: Sfoderare un divano in tessuto

Stain-resistant fabric has a particular composition which block the liquids absorption. Also after many hours the fabric maintains its characteristics: both soft drinks and greasy liquids do not penetrate in the fabric weave.

As regards daily cleaning you can use a wet cloth and then dry it with a soft cloth.
To keep the leather soft use occasionally a leather care product. Remember that leather sofas do not have to be exposed to direct sunlight, halogen lamps or heat sources, because the leather could dry out and split apart.


A Nabuk sofa needs more attention than all the other covering. As regards daily cleaning follow our instructions:

  • Use a soft cloth or specific brushes to remove dust
  • Do not rub on stain but gently remove it to avoid the absorption
  • Do not use common cleaning products but only specif Nabuk care products.

Read all the insights in this article: Sofas in nubuck leather: how to choose, care and clean

AVOID DEGREASER. They immediately clean your sofa but, as time goes by, your covering could split apart. If you have to remove stains, use a wet cloth and mild soap and remember to dry out immediately. Moisture is the worst enemy of eco-leather. Pay attention to where you place your sofa, humidity causes electrolysis and the covering could split apart.

Legal warranty lasts two years from the purchase.

If you need assistance for an our product, get in touch with your retailer.
He will give you the best solution and support you for any issue.
The retailer will contact us if it needs, to solve special cases.