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Our talent is to produce comfort that lasts over time.
Doimo Salotti is an historic Italian company for quality padded furniture. Our experience on sofas means producing leather and fabric sofas for 50 years, constantly and seamlessly developing to achieve a leading position for both production potential and sales. This is due not only to making use of cutting edge production technologies and constantly updating, but also to research into materials and technical-design solutions of the highest order.

Fabric sofa Bart by Doimo Salotti

It's like living in a loft home

live in a loft

The “total concept” we have perfected for new markets is designed to achieve uncompromising quality and good looks. Constant cooperation with architects and designers ensure that our collections are perfectly consistent with consumers’ needs and modern décor.

Identify the style of your home

Doimo Salotti bases its collections on aesthetic lines featuring separate styles. Living rooms are distinguished by their stylish taste: factory style homes for our INDUSTRIAL collection, or the open space areas typical of the LOFT style. Furniture for contemporary urban homes adopts our URBAN style and the fourth area features our ELEGANT style, that is to say dwellings in which tradition and modernity are carefully blended.

These sub-divisions into areas of style are constant throughout the Doimo Salotti collections of padded items in both fabric and leather. To follow such a style line means addressing an area of taste that interprets a modern way of furnishing homes and as a consequence identifies the perfect mood for your living room.

Live in a industrial home

industrial design home

Research and perfection: couches by Sartoria collection

Thinking of a tailor’s shop brings to mind beautiful fabrics or skilled tailors carefully cutting and sewing hand-made clothes that fit our figures perfectly. This is exactly the ideal of the new Sartoria collection by Doimo Salotti.

Each model in this collection is created in our research laboratory and combines sartorial experience gathered over the years with innovative production methods. The result is a wonderfully comfortable fabric sofa impeccably dressed.

The sofas in the Sartoria collection are designed for a clientele who seek outstanding fabrics of the highest quality, attention to details and the most up-to-date lines, all strictly Italian style.

June 2017
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