How to dress your fabric sofa? Tips

After washing your sofa covering, the dressing process will be easy, but…

If you followed all our advices for remove the covering of your sofa, now you’re ready for the inverse process.

After washing the cover it’s time to put it on again, follow our tips to make it easy and fast!

how to dress your fabric sofa

Recover a couch DIY: step by step

  • Start from the structure and if your sofa has removable armrests it easier said than done. Otherwise if you have a linear sofa, start from the top of the structure and in particular from the corners, then go down until the basement.

  • Adjust all the seams to the sofa’s corners than take off the protecting band and stick the fabric Velcro to the basement.

  • To put the armrests on follow the inverse procedure of when you took them off. Then follow the same procedure for the seat and back cushions.

how to dress your fabric sofa

  • Before putting the cover on the padding, fold it a bit to simplify the operation and remember to adjust the seams with the corners. Lay out the padding and the fabric to avoid unaesthetic wrinkles.

  • Now close the zipper, but be careful to not embed it in the padding.

  • Be careful to lay out the structure and cushions fabric by using your hands. If you followed carefully the washing instruction, the covering will fit perfectly.

September 2018
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