How to remove the covering from fabric sofa? Tips

Tricks and practical advices to easily remove the fabric cover from your sofa

If you possess a sofa with fabric covering, sooner or later, you’ll need to remove the cover to be able to wash it.
Remember that each sofa is built differently from another and sometimes the undressing operations could be not so easy as they seem. That’s why we suggest a good daily cleaning routine, to delay as long as possible this operation. It is sufficient brushing, vacuuming and tidying your sofa to postpone the washing day.

If you chose a practical stain-resistant fabric as our EMI or EVIA, removing stain will be like a walk in the park. When these adjustments won’t be no more sufficient, it’s time to learn how to remove the covers.

Easily remove fabric cover from sofa

Cover removal is different from one model to another.

Take your time, almost half an hour, to completely remove the cover (structure included). Considering that each model is different from one another, we want to give you a general procedure to follow for almost all Doimo Salotti sofas. Anyway, do not forget to contact our customer service for any doubts or questions.

1. Remove all cushions from your sofa

The first step is to remove the backrest and seat cushions, they could be just placed on the structure or grabbed on to it with zipper or Velcro. (fig.1)
On the back it is placed the zipper to open the cover and remove it. We have two opening ways: the former is the linear opening, the latter is the “U” opening, easier and faster than the first one. (fig.2)

Remove all cushions from your sofa
Remove sofa’s armrests

2. Remove sofa’s armrests

Now, in front of you, there is the sofa structure. If it is a modular sofa, for example a two places element connected to a peninsula or a corner element with plastic supports on the side or under the sofa, divide all its parts (fig. 3) and finally, if provided by the model, detach also the armrests. (fig.3)

Remove the structure covering.

Removable armrests have two hooking ways: by bayonet fitting on the element side or by plastic handwheel on the bottom of the basement.

In the first case you have to lift the armrest, in the second case it is necessary to unscrew the handwheel and lifted the armrest. (fig.4)

3. Remove the covering of the sofa structure

In the last step you will remove the covering of the sofa structure. Velcro combine the fabric with the white canvas that covers the structure, so it's easy to remove. If you have a modular sofa with removable armrests, the operation is simpler than with sofas with fixed structure. In both cases it starts from the bottom pulling upwards and bending the Velcro towards the outside. (Figure 5)

remove the covering of the sofa structure

4. Velcro protecting band: what is it and how to use it

Now it’s time to reveal a useful trick!

Velcro used to stick on you fabric covering, and it could also ruin it. While you’re removing your sofa covering, remember to have close at hand the protecting band: it is a fabric band which cover Velcro and avoid it to stick on fabric during the washing process.

t is supply with our Sartoria collection sofas, otherwise you can buy it to an haberdashery. If you use it, dress and undress your sofa will be like a piece of cake!

Velcro protecting band
Velcro protecting band

5.  Washing procedure

Now your covering is ready to be washed.

Please, always follow the washing instructions carefully. We recommend to go to a laundry, especially for the dry-cleaning process.

Avoid the DIY!

A wrong washing could shrink your covering, making the dressing process hard or even impossible. Wash them inside out and avoid to use the dry machine. Check the washing symbols on the technical data sheet of your sofa.

September 2018
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