New fabric: Catia collection

Doimo Salotti is introducing a new collection of fabrics that will increase customisation opportunities for your sofa. The Catia collection adds 52 types of coordinated textures and colours to our range.

Catia, new fabric collection
Catia, new fabric collection

There are four texture variants: a plain colour, an elegant polyester velvet, a single colour tweed and a wool effect weave. These completely new fabrics make up the most numerous selection of colour variants in the Doimo Salotti range. Catia is presented in fabric swatches arranged by colour-texture coordinations that interpret the latest fashions.

Trendy colours are also included in the collection: a vast choice of grey, cold colours such as bottle green and blue, and warm colours such as gold and bright red. Catia also meets more classical tastes with colours from light beige to brown in 12 different shades. Grey, an ever popular colour for furniture, also comes in 12 different shades, from pearl grey to smoky grey.

A detail of new sofa Newton in Catia fabric
A detail of new sofa Newton in Catia fabric

The latest surveys show that Italians are increasingly more inclined to choose practical, washable fabrics for their furniture. This series of elegant, trendy fabrics combines both these characteristics as all the variants are machine washable at 30°.

Easy maintenance and stainproofing is ensured by a water repellent treatment for the plain colours and tweed. A special surface finish makes it difficult for the fabric to absorb liquids and dirt.  This makes it possible to provide a sofa in easily cleanable fabric even without removing the entire upholstery.

A detail of sofa Newton in blue fabric Catia
A detail of new sofa Newton in fabric Catia

Fabrics in this line can be chosen in the same way as all the others, to upholster an existing or new Doimo Salotti sofa.  Because the fabric covers of all Doimo Salotti sofas are fully removable, they can be washed but also changed to refresh your decor.  Our company guarantees that you will find them available for ten years, subject to updates to our fabric range.

Catia offers its customers a choice that combines excellent quality and prices, in line with our corporate philosophy based on products made in Italy and respect for quality and customers.

November 2018
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