Philip 77 or 92: two kinds of armrest for sofa

Modern, versatile, modular sofa

Philip .77 and Philip .92 are what you need, if you are looking for a solution that get everyone to agree. With its double armrest choice, 77cm or 92 cm, can satisfy many different opinions and furnish well your living room thaks to its clean lines and modern design.

Philip is a sofa with two different armrests

77 or 92 cm armrest?

Everybody knows how important is to furnish our places following personal style and furthermore to adapt every single element to the room configuration. We are usually undecided about dimensions and shapes of the couch, or we are not able to find the right sofa for our living room configuration.

Some sofas are more versatile than others, because of their shapes and modularity. One of them is Philip of Easycharm fabric collection by Doimo Salotti. Its elements guarantee the creation of the perfect composition for your living room and moreover you can choose between two different styles.

Philip divano moderno per una casa in stile industriale

Indeed it is available with two kind of armrest the former of 77 cm depth and the latter of 92 cm depth.

The armrest of 77 cm depth is shorter than the base; it is the right sofa for people of young spirit. Modern spaces and “Industrial” homes will welcome Philip both in modular composition with peninsula, when open spaces are available, or in its 2 or 3 seater version for smaller places.

Philip .77 - modern sofa with peninsula
Philip .77 (320×174 cm) and EVIA 73 fabric.
Philip model by Doimo Salotti
Philip .77 linear sofa in ERIKA 65 fabric

The 92 cm armrest makes Philip a more traditional sofa. Its full shape creates an elegant but young line and thanks to its metal feet the result is very fresh.

All Philip versions have the backrest cushions made of mixed feather, the elements lining are completely removable and the sides are refined.

Philip .92 (304×228 cm) - composition in CLOE 84 fabric
Philip .92 (304×228 cm) - composition in CLOE 84 fabric
Philip .92 (320×174 cm) - composition in DEMIN 77 fabric
Philip .92 (320×174 cm) - composition in DEMIN 77 fabric

Philip depth is 94 cm while its height is 85cm; its length start from 178 cm. It also available the armchair of 118cm and the pouf 94×94 cm.

Philip can be covered with all the Doimo Salotti fabric collection, more than 600 variants and among them there are also Emi and Evia with stain-resistance treatment.

June 2018
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