Salone del Mobile 2019: trends, materials and finishes

This is one of the world’s most important design shows, a test bench for new collections, but also the time of year for previewing trends, new materials and colours to inspire your home decor.

Doimo Salotti has participated since the 1970s in this trade fair, which over the past twenty years has become a world-scale event.  This year, on an entirely renewed stand, we have presented a new total décor concept for the living area of the home.

Virtual tour Doimo Salotti

Furnishing your living room with Doimo Salotti

Our new home décor concept, developed under the artistic and creative guidance of architect Angelo Armanno, interprets and transforms the living room area. Our sofas are enhanced with style combinations, new materials, exciting new shapes and textures.

The new Doimo Salotti collection presents four living styles (Industrial, Urban, Loft and Elegant), proposing complete decor solutions: sofas, sideboards, bookcases, armchairs, coffee tables, rugs, lamps and decorative accessories such as vases and wallpaper. All the products are designed and customised to furnish modern homes with style and good taste, combining fascinating colour schemes and textures in line with modern trends.

Here’s a selection of new, inspiring items from the 2019 Salone del Mobile.

1. Green, blue to furnish with natural colours

Trendy homes in 2019 are furnished with bright colours, which score higher than duller colors.Together with natural shades (ground, sand, legno), there are several nuances of green, from emerald down to shades of sky blue, featured on many surfaces: fabrics, lacquered panels and walls. Green is warm and Mediterranean, with a fresh hint of mint, typical of interior decor in the 1950s. 

The use of colours for living room decor will be biggest trend this year

Moodboard Doimo Salotti Green
Decorate the living room with greenery

2. Decor shapes: softness triumphs

The decor shapes coming back into fashion will be soft and feature structures without sharp edges and straight cuts, returning to revisited suppleness. Our padded sofas are cocooning, with soft feather-filled cushions to snuggle into, as in the Baltic sofa for our Loft style.

Trend 2019 - soft shape
Soft shape - Trend 2019

3. New modularity in the living room

Modularity has become an important decor element, highlighting an ability to integrate different items: sideboards, coffee tables and suspended bookshelves, all created with the same module, which elongates, doubles or multiplies, while keeping its original shape throughout. Modular means adding or removing even just one piece to fit the space available, a concept fully encapsulated in the new Lexia sideboards (available next fall).

Modularity - design trends 2019
Suspended bookcases and cupboards Lexia

4. Subtle games of wires and weaves: new living room illumination

Say yes to geometry, weaves and well-defined styles. All living rooms deserve carefully designed layouts and a lamp to provide personality.

Doimo Salotti proposes a combination of woven metal wires with a modern structural net frame, also in metal. The shapes are geometrical with an imaginative touch provided by a choice of coloured, meshed wires.  

Salone del Mobile 2019 - Doimo Salotti lamps
From left: Table lamps Vittoriana and Globo

5. New neoclassical: the elegant and the modern merge

Elegant, but in moderation: the new neoclassical decor is apparent in the style proposed at the Salone del Mobile, where decor items and classical finishes merge in more modern shapes, producing styling that is refined but in no way opulent. 

Doimo Salotti’s elegant living room ambience is traditional and warmly coloured, like the textured, floral patterned wallpaper, at the same time featuring unusual, innovative materials and finishes, such as those used for the Alma sideboard.  The square shaped coffered door is brought up to date with inserts of antique rust screen-printed glass.  This texture has a classical effect, a slightly cloudy finish typical of the backgrounds of late eighteenth century paintings, but mounted on a decidedly modern structure. The coffee tables in the same Alma collection also incorporate this concept: slim, minimal structures with modern metal finishes and the refinement of screen-printed glass surfaces.

New neoclassical decor for living room
Alma sideboard with inserts of antique rust screen-printed glass

6. Wood leads the way in the living room

Natural wood in different colours and finishes is confirmed as the favourite of all materials. The new wood types for interior décor, be they real or similar, look soft and natural and feature finishes that highlight the beauty of the grain.

The finishes for Doimo Salotti sideboards include grey oak coordinated with lacquered teal and etimoè wood, in harmony with dark burnished brass and an antique rust screen-printed glass door. 

Natural wood
Details of dark burnished brass and an antique rust screen-printed glass door

7. Wallpaper is back to stay

It has become a must in contemporary interior decoration.  There is no room that cannot be brightened and made unique by modern wallpaper.  One of the rules is that just one wall, usually the main one, should be decorated, leaving the others with a plain colour that links the furniture with the walls. 

During Salone del Mobile 2019 Doimo Salotti has previewed five wallpaper patterns.  The idea is to match them in a particular style with the living room furniture. The sofa, modern, designer or classical, cleverly matched with accessories (sideboards, coffee tables, lamps, rugs and wallpaper) coordinates a style that gives a personal touch to the home.

Doimo Salotti wallpapers
From Left: wallpapers Foliage, Grillage and Fleure

All the decor items presented at the 2019 Salone del Mobile will be in our stores from autumn 2019

June 2019
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