Small sofas for tiny homes

We’d like to show you 9 solutions dedicated to small places, because furnish narrow rooms is not a mission impossible

Not all living rooms are designed to host large sofas compositions, indeed, usually living room and kitchen occupy the same room.

How to choose the right sofa for a small place?

Before choosing a new sofa you need to study the maximum space available, the first step is taking measurement considering the actual or future disposition of other furniture. Then, focus on some tricks, listed here for you, to guarantee comfort and relax from your upholstered and the minimum distances from it and the other furniture.

  • The ideal seat depth is around 80/90 cm. Two seater sofa have measures between 160/180 cm while three seater sofa 180/240 cm. Keep in mind that a person shouldn’t have less than 70 cm to stay comfortably seated on a sofa.
  • Around the sofa there should be 60/70 cm to easily move around it and 120 cm from the coffee table if living room and kitchen share the same room.
  • Consider at least 50 cm of distances between the sofa and a coffee table, if you want to place one in front of it.
  • If you want to arrange two sofa in front of each other, leave an area of 160 cm between them, in this way you avoid that your guests’ legs will touch while they’re seated.
  • If you choose a sofa with reclining system, leave 120 cm free in front of it to guarantee the correct opening and the space for moving around it.

Small sofas gallery: take a cue from these 9 ideas.

Newton - small alternative fabric sofa: 256 cm
Newton - small alternative fabric sofa
Fabric sofa – Newton

Newton is the trend sofa in 2019 and it’s perfect even in small rooms. The composition of the photo is 256 cm lenght and 126 cm depht, but is also available a base with a smaller depth – 106 cm. The sofa’s base is independent from the backrest, the smallest size has only 172 cm lenght.

It’s a sofa that expresses all the freedom to change: Newton is a transformer sofa, modifying the backrest according to the needs of those who use it. Thanks to the generously shaped cushions, weighted with steel plates, the cushion backs can be placed in any direction.

Newton  trasformer sofa with bookcase
Detail of Newton with bookcase/coffe table

Its transforming spirit is perfect for the current furnishing ideas. Moreover Newton con integrate in the base a a pratical bookcase, which with the addition of a shelf, also becomes a coffetable. The same bookcase can also be fixed on the wall, creating a functional and pleasant composition. The backrests can be easy removed makes it suitable also as an emergency bed.

Marvin - fabric sofa with 2 seats
Fabric sofa – Marvin

Marvin sofas, in only 166 cm may be equipped with one or two reclining mechanisms. Its comfort will increase by raising its headrest guided by a manual ratchet. Marvin fabric covering is completely removable.

Dylan fabric grey sofa, small, 2 seats
Fabric sofa – Dylan

Dylan: tight but not trivial. Its two seater version measures just 162 cm and both can be equipped with reclining mechanism. Dylan fabric covering is completely removable.

Duke fabric grey sofa, small, 3 seats
Fabric sofa – Duke

Duke: thin but solid, its restrained depth make it a perfect sofa for small places without forgetting style and innovation. Its two seater version is just 172 cm, including its comfortable large armrest. Duke covering is completely removable and available in fabric, faux leather or microfiber.

Dynamic - small leather sofa with recliner
Leather sofa with recliner – Dynamic

Dynamic was born to make you appreciate life comforts: reclining mechanism, for one or two seater, and removable headrest in just 160 cm (two seater sofa). Dynamic is available with genuine leather covering.

divano in pelle bianca tre posti bloom - doimo salotti
Leather sofa – Bloom

Bloom is the Duke genuine leather version. Its two seater version is just 172 cm and maintain the restrained depth of 86 cm.

William - small dark leather sofa
Dark leather sofa - William

William is made of simple and clear lines, appropriate for who is looking for a perfect lumbar support and reclining mechanism in restrained dimensions, just 166 cm. Its armrest covered by a soft cushion doesn’t go unnoticed. The covering is made of genuine leather.

leather sofa Class
Leather sofa – Class

Class armrest is the shape of tradition, the undisputed protagonist. Its backrest and seat largeness make it a long-lasting sofa which won’t go out of fashion.

Monet - classic fabric sofa
Classic fabric sofa – Monet

Monet is another allied for classic furniture lovers. Its two seater version measures just 150 cm, a pillar of tradition and comfort for your living room.


September 2018
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