Sofa upholstery: nabuck effect fabrics

Nubuck effect fabrics: superior good looks and practicality

The decision about which material to use for upholstering a new sofa can give rise to many doubts. On the one hand, many of you may prefer material that ensures carefully studied aesthetics, or otherwise privilege something that is practical and easy to maintain.

Particularly attractive, elegant and trendy upholstery for sofas is nubuck effect leather. We discussed it in the article – Nubuck leather, the truth and false myths – some weeks ago, and described its quality (value, beauty, uniqueness, softness, etc.) as well as possible problems, including the need for careful maintenance.

So upholster sofas without forgoing the nubuck leather effect?

If you love the soft, vintage effect of nubuck leather but are not willing to sacrifice practicality to aesthetics, you may want to consider upholstering your sofa with modern Nubuck effect fabric.

Doimo Salotti provides two collections of nubuck effect upholstery, i.e.:

  • ERIKA fabric – sofas in the Sartoria and Easycharm collections
  • Nubuck effect ecofibre – sofas in the Emporio and Easychic collections.

Philip 77 sofa in Erika fabric.
Philip 77 sofa in Erika fabric.
Spencer sofa in Erika fabric
Spencer sofa in Erika fabric

Erika fabric is a technical, water repellent fabric made up of three parts: a cotton canvas base, a PU-coated layer topped with quality polyester microfiber.  It comes in 10 colour variants and imitates the effect of nubuck leather with a soft surface that has the typical velvety feel of real nubuck leather. This upholstery is machine washable at 30° and is extremely hard-wearing.

Nubuck leather effect ecofibre is polyester upholstery that is highly resistant to abrasion.  It is stainproof, water-repellent and breathable. Certain normally indelible stains, such as ballpoint pen ink, for example, can be removed completely with methylated spirit.  The surface has the typical softness and smooth touch of nubuck leather.  There are nine colour variants, which include the soft natural shades of earth, sand and grey.

Ecofibre imitates the soft effect of nubuck leather
Ecofibre imitates the soft effect of nubuck leather

Erika or Ecofibrefabrics are more economical than real nubuck leather, a fact not to be underestimated if you are looking for a comfortable, practical sofa which doesn’t cost the earth, truly ideal for families that want carefree, 360-degree enjoyment of their sofa.


Take care not to confuse these modern nubuck effect fabrics with common plastic imitation leather.  These are usually inferior materials that do not guarantee comfortable seating as they are not breathable.

December 2018
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