Sofas for industrial design homes

The first step to turn an industrial place into a welcoming home is to choose design pieces of furniture which maintain a sort of equilibrium between architecture and personal style and a modern sofa could be the perfect first step.

The main characteristics of an industrial home are: open spaces with undefined borderlines, exposed bearing structure as steel pillars and untreated walls. From TV series to reality, living in an industrial home is a real trend that everyone customize following their style. Big windows let light and air come in unifying all the spaces. Walls are enhanced by simple quadrangular steel windows fixtures and the same style is underlined everywhere by small pillars or exposed bearing system. Wood, steel, bricks and plaster are the main materials used in an industrial style home, definitely unrefined. Talking about furniture they must be adapted to an industrial style, the watchwords are: functional and versatile. Nothing must be useless, they have to be the protagonists of lofts and open spaces characterized by high sealing and simplicity, here design sofas are the focus of these dispersive rooms.

Usually, industrial homes, have an exposed brickwork or unrefined plaster wall, the perfect background for  leather or fabric sofa, the colour choice could be influenced by these important details.

Are there design sofas for an industrial home?

Of course there are! Among Doimo Salotti proposals you can find fabric or leather sofas, which can be appreciated 360-degree. Why? Because they are perfectly refined by all sides and suitable to be put in the middle of open spaces.

Stile Libero is a sofa which uses to break the rules, it leaves apart traditional upholstered shapes and pulls together lean armrests and abundant back and seat cushions, properly leather covered. It is a sofa full of contraposition both for its shapes and for its material. Leather and particular feet finishes show the perfect industrial style sofa. Stile Libero is elegant but catchy at the same time thanks to its shapes and unusual finishes, that’s why it takes place among our industrial style sofa: because it is able to adapt itself to the surrounding space.

Rivestimento pelle Petra 546 – dimensione 238×100 cm
Covering leather Petra 546 – dimensions 238×100

Bart is part of the fabric collection, it is a sophisticated sofa, the equilibrium between design and comfort. Its minimal structure supports comfortable cushions and the slender shape is underlined by its metal feet. The contrast between the cold colours of feet finishes and the covering shades make Bart the perfect sofa for your open space. It is available both in linear and modular version, depending on your spaces, while we suggest cool colour range like grey shades for the covering. Bart will be the protagonist of your industrial home.

Rivestimento tessuto Elena 64 – dimensione 440×318 cm
Covering fabric Elena 64 – dimensions 440×318

To sum up, an industrial home is 50% architecture and 50% choice of furniture: remember that less is more, vintage object mixed with new and modern ones and your industrial space will become a welcoming home.

July 2018
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