Survey: comfort at home wins!

Italian people choose comfort for their living room

modern living rom: survey

A recent study about how people live their homes, proved that Italians are not only “bon vivant” but also comfort lovers. It’s hard to believe, but the 64% of interviewed chooses comfortable and relaxing furnishings, while only the 7% confesses to be addicted to design and furnishing affairs…admitting to be fully influenced by trends. These are the collected data of research, an internet portal which interviewed people from 30 to 65 years old.

Among them, a fair 29% thinks about their home as functional and technologic, while the 64% looks for well-being. The 70% of interviewed are women, to underline that the female public pay more attention to home life quality.

Quality, well-being research, comfort and longevity are the main quality that Doimo Salotti “sew” in its sofas, adaptable to all living rooms styles.

The evident value in our sofa collections is the constant search for well-being, expressed as a series of “feel good at home” sensations. A Doimo Salotti sofa becomes the moment of pleasant relaxation of the day. That is why the ergonomics of each element composing the sofa are important: we seek out innovative materials able to consistently satisfy your needs. Our sofas are customized solutions: modular sofas that adapt to the spaces of modern homes, practical fabrics that facilitate cleaning of the sofa, modern aesthetics to rediscover the pleasure of furnishing the living area mirroring your own style, accomodating – true to life – beneath the same roof, a beautiful design and a quality sofa.


 “First you choose it, then you recommend it to others.”

Discover more about quality of a Doimo Salotti sofa. 

leather sofa with madras effect
August 2018
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