Sustainability culture

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors – we borrow it from our children.

This historic Navajo proverb encapsulates the crux of what nowadays some call a culture of sustainability.  77% of Italians fear that the environment is heading for destruction, but only 30% have heard of Sustainable Development Objectives, and even fewer, just 9%, are actually aware of what is involved.

The environment is not just emotion

To prevent the collapse not only of the environment, but also of our economic systems, each and every one of us should advocate and disseminate a ‘Culture of sustainability’. We can start by changing the current model of consumerism and heightening awareness of the environmental impact of our choices when purchasing goods. It is essential to stop and think about product life cycles,their duration and the opportunities to extend their lives through informed reuse.

For many years Doimo Salotti has considered the production of sofas with long life cycles.

The environment is not just emotion

“Long life to your sofa!” is the message we are including in our new social network campaign, together with the slogan ‘Give a new life to what you have!’.  We are strongly convinced that the durability of our sofas is not only real quality, but also a way to reduce the production of solid urban waste.

In Italy the percentage of voluminous solid urban waste, which includes furniture, stands at approximately 3.5% of the total. It may not seem much, but if we consider the total 30.1 million tonnes per year, it means that Italy produces one million tonnes a year of voluminous waste * Unfortunately, the trend is rising, on a par with the plethora of propositions encouraging us to consume. The concept of ‘throw-away’ furniture is no longer sustainable.

Our commitment, however, goes beyond this: give a new life to what you have.

You don’t always need a new sofa to freshen up your living room. Doimo Salotti fabric upholstery is removable.  This means you can now order just a change of covers.

We guarantee you will still be able to find the fabric your sofa was upholstered with when you bought it, for up to ten years after the model has been discontinue.

This means that even if your sofa is no longer in the catalogue, and the upholstery has become worn with time, no longer reflects your tastes, or you simply want to change the colour, you can choose from the Doimo Salotti range of fabrics, constantly up to date with modern interior design trends.

Manufacturers must make their contribution to increasing awareness of the need to reuse products to extend their life cycles. It fills us with pride to receive letters saying “I have had a Doimo Salotti sofa for 10 years and it’s still perfect … can I just change the upholstery fabric?” We are delighted, because it lets us know we have done a good job.

Committing to sustainability is a true responsibility in which we strongly believe. We are aware that the road is still long and there will be further scope for improvement not mentioned here, but we are confident that we will achieve our aim thanks also to your support as an informed consumer.

Ivonis Doimo
CEO Doimo Salotti

*Source of data on urban waste in Italy –ISPRA Report “Urban Waste 2017”

January 2019
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